Giving the gift of honeymoon travel is easier than ever!

Giving the gift of honeymoon travel is easier than ever! will begin shortly.

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Looking for the perfect wedding gift? The wedding registry app and site Honeyfund allows you to contribute to the lucky couple’s honeymoon in lieu of boring toaster ovens and traditional housewares which no one ever uses.

Engaged couples can use Honeyfund as their centralized gift registry so that friends and family can gift money toward an experience during their upcoming honeymoon.

Through a partnership with Cashstar, Honeyfund enables gift givers to send anyone a Honeyfund-branded digital gift card. Engaged couples will receive an easy-to-use e-gift amount that can be redeemed through a wide array of airlines, hotel brands, cruise lines, restaurants, and retail partners, offering unlimited experiences around the globe. The best part? It’s 100% fee free for both newlyweds and guests! Travel is always a thoughtful way to celebrate any occasion, especially when it’s a wedding.

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