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Looking for a wardrobe refresh? We know you want that perfect spring outfit to make you into an international jet-setter.

Current face behind and Real Housewife of NY alum Kristen Taekman tells us where she looks for her fashion travel inspiration.

  • Finding a comfortable and stylish boot that fits your leg can be a daunting task. Skinny Calf Boot Company will have you rethinking that a gorgeous boot can't be fit, functional and fabulous.

  • Say good-bye to that ugly and bulky carry-on backpack. GiGi New York offers leather handbags, crossovers, totes, wallets and luggage that speaks to your personality. Have it monogrammed for a great gift or keep it for yourself, we won't tell.

  • If you ever walk around the streets of France and Spain, you'll notice all the lovely women young and old wearing bright scarfs and shawls. Theodora and Callum are why you should turn to for exotic prints with bohemian glam. If you need a sexy scarf dress or a sarong for the beach, they have you covered.
  • Crafting quality handmade jewelry pieces for over 30 years, Ben-Amun has great statement pieces for any occasion. Popular necklaces, bracelets and earrings have been worn by A-list celebrities such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Kate Moss and Blake Lively.
  • The final piece for your traveling attire is a funky hat. With their chic selection of fedoras, floppy hats and straw caps, Hat Attack has the perfect hat to complete your boho look no matter what the season.

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