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From uptown to downtown, east side to west side, when it comes to fashion, New York gentlemen want to look their best.

Jamal Momon, founder and designer of the Dirty Razkal urban street-wear brand, knows where to find great menswear retail stores in NYC to keep you styling.

  • The threads at Dutch fashion label Scotch and Soda fuse contemporary styles with urban street wear. Their quality-made, detail-oriented apparel also appeals to men who are looking for something more traditional. With three locations in Manhattan, this is where you go for that much-needed wardrobe upgrade.
  • Flight Club is an exclusive mecca for sneakerheads seeking elusive and exclusive styles they can't get anywhere else. With stores in New York and Los Angeles, the shop boasts an epic wall of the latest Nikes, Air Jordans and licensed sports apparel. You know they mean business when their backroom merchandise is behind a locked glass case.
  • At the Indochino showroom in Soho, customers can design their own bespoke suits, down to the fabric and details. Their staff of tailors will take your measurements and walk you through the process. Whether you're going for twill, herringbone or tweed, you have a suit that fits your body and personality.

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