Best Cafes to Fuel Up in NYC

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Jimmy Phillips, founder of The Domestique NY, shares his favorite spots to fuel up and recharge in Manhattan and Brooklyn. 

  • Reinvigorate your travels with a trip to Summers in Williamsburg. From savory egg sandwiches to sweet cold-pressed juices, Summers' menu will satisfy almost any craving.
  • Brooklynites know to head to Five Leaves when the doors open at 8AM for the divine coffee, then come back all day until closing for everything from the fluffy ricotta pancakes to the signature burger and truffle fries. 
  • Head to one of the seven Cafe Grumpy locations in the city and indulge in their heavenly java blends. Every cup of coffee is made from perfectly toasted South and Central American beans. Coffee connoisseurs will appreciate everything from their rich espresso to their wide blend selection from roasters around the globe.
  • New Yorkers love La Colombe's trendy atmosphere and custom coffee blends attracts everyone from frappucino-sipping adolescents to java-addicts. Try their Savoia blend, La Colombe's cocoa twist on a tradition Italian roast. The popular beanery has grown to include locations in five cities including Chicago, Boston, and DC.
  • Notorious for hosting a gorgeous Instagram feed filled-to-the-brim with delicious photos, Aussie-inspired cafe Two Hands knows how to make your mouth water with just one glance. The real magic happens when you arrive at the cafe, located on Mott Street, and actually get to taste their creamy lattes and dishes like the banana bread with toasted buckwheat and marscapone. 

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