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Rachel Soszynski, and recipe tester and Japanophile, knows a thing or two about amazing restaurants in NYC. 

In this video she shares her favorite places in NYC to experience Tokyo.

  • Takahashi on Hudson Street (with a second location in the East Village) offers locally sourced beef for your every need. Chef Takashi is a fourth-generation Korean immigrant bringing generations of experience and knowledge to this Japanese eatery. 
  • Down in TribecaTakahachi Bakery is a way to experience Japan through different pastries with strange food combinations like Orange Wasabi buns, Hawaiian pizza Souzaipan and focaccia wrapped around a hot dog.
  • New Yorkers have gone ramen crazy. Thus, Rai Rai Ken is the place to experience it in a more traditonal setting. Grab a stool at the bar and bury your face in a steaming bowl of ramen soup.
  • Somewhat hidden in the basement of a nondescript office building in Midtown Manhattan, Sakagura offers an amazing Sake and izakaya menu. Their hot stone wagu beef dish is something you won't forget. 
  • En Japanese Brasserie has beautiful decor and a great prix fixe menu. They make their tofu fresh every hour. While you're deciding on dinner, sample some hard-to-find shochu and Japanese whisky.
  • ChaAn offers a full tea service in a traditional setting. This is where you'll go to learn about a Japanese tea ceremony in their tatami mat room.
  • Chikalicious is both a take out and dessert club focused on simple flavors and combinations at a prix fixe.

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