NYC Invites You To See Your City

NYC Invites You To See Your City will begin shortly.

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NYC Mayor invites New Yorkers to take a "staycation" and explore the amazing restaurants and dining options this major city has to offer. 

  • The official New York City guide,, Mayor De Blasio and American Express have teamed up and launched a fun new city-wide dining campaign, See Your City: Eats Edition.
  • The campaign hopes to motivate every New Yorker to do some serious food exploration around all of the five boroughs. In a city with more than 24,000 restaurants to choose from and a million different flavors from Mediterranean to Mexican to Moroccan, New Yorkers can travel the world in just a few city blocks!
  • Food Republic, the uber hip site that explores the culture of food through stories, interviews, global conversations and experiences, joins as the official content partner and sponsor.
  • American Express is offering $10 credit when cardmembers spend at least $50 at participating establishments. $50 spend. It’s a great deal and highlights to all Savvy Travelers the culinary power of The Big Apple. You can visit the “seeyourcityeats” page at American Express for more details on this deal.
  • On social media? Don’t forget to use the hashtag #SeeYourCity when you sharing your photos to your social media pages! Your photo might be featured on the city’s NYC GO website!

While you're searching for what to eat for your “SeeYourCity” tour, get the NYC dining scoop from George Motz, America's foremost Burger Expert, who can point you toward the best burgers in the Big Apple.

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