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Head across the river to Brooklyn: we promise it’s more than just hipsters and strollers.

On today’s video, Andrew Zimmer, deputy editor of Time Out New York gives us the lowdown on his favorite Brooklyn dining destinations.

Let’s dig into his list here:

  • Located in Brooklyn’s emerging and historic Red Hook neighborhood, Grindhaus is one of the many delicious local eateries in the area you will not want to skip! We at Travel Savvy particularly love the 12-dish menu, updated once a week (yes, you read that right) and influenced by locally-grown produce and globally-sourced meats. Can’t decide what to order? We recommend their haus strip steak, served with Chinese broccoli and east coast oyster sauce. Yum! 

Andrew recommends the Smashburger with pork belly. They take the pork belly to Hometown Bar-B-Que to smoke it for nine hours. Then they mix it with beef from the local butcher, Fleisher's. They add American cheese and spicy dill pickles, and it's incredible!

  • If you’re walking through Red Hook and suddenly catch a waft of delicious barbecue aroma, we promise you’re not having a stroke. In fact, Brooklynites love that they can smell the delicious aroma of Hometown Bar-B-Que from a mile away. Specializing in authentic pit-smoked meats with a Southern American flare, the chefs at Hometown can expertly prepare the juiciest of steaks, burgers, and ribs! Dining in? Check out their whiskey selection and tex-mex-inspired sides!
  • For visitors looking to snap the hottest Instagram photo in Bushwick, head over to King Noodle, where you can sip tropical margaritas from gigantic, decorated bowls worthy of many an Instagram ‘like.’ In between snaps and sips, don’t forget to savor the mouth-watering South Asian street-food-inspired cuisine, featuring mouth-watering dishes like mapo chili tofu fries and spicy papaya salad.  
  • Renown as some of the most delicious seafood in New York, Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co. consistently serves up fresh and exquisite dishes all year round. Planet-conscious diners feel at ease knowing their meals have been sustainably and locally sourced, while even the pickiest of foodies will scarf down their irresistible Baja fish tacos and spicy Thai curry mussels.
  • If you see a long line outside of The Bagel Store in East Williamsburg, do not be alarmed. It is only because this small bagel shop contains the most delicious bagels in Brooklyn! Customers say these bagels “taste like magic in your mouth,” and they certainly look magical, too! All bagels from The Bagel Store come in a variety of flavors and colors, including the popular ‘Rainbow Bagel’ featuring fruity blueberry accents. To top it off, choose from their amazing homemade cream cheese spreads, including chocolate-hazelnut, s’mores, birthday cake, and cinnamon toast crunch!


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