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Jackie Gebel's Top Tel Aviv Restaurants

Today, we're pleased to have the delightful and #Instafamous Jackie Gebel of @noleftovers_  on the show!

After an impromptu extended-stay in Tel Aviv, Jackie shares her favorite Tel Aviv restaurants to enjoy hummus, meze, and more! 

  • We know you’ll encounter many falafel joints on your trip to Tel Aviv but Miznon will leave you with an ever-lasting impression. Whether you are grabbing a quick bite to eat or casually enjoying a meal, the service is excellent and the selections of hummus and sauces are plenty.

  • Sometimes you want the comforting feel of Americana when you're overseas and Benedict delivers just that. This bustling restaurant offers breakfast 24-hours a day.  Enjoy favorites such as pancakes, frittata, crepes, and eggs benedict prepared in a variety of fashions.

  • You'll feel like royalty when you're sitting in front of the abundant meze platters at AbouelafiaThis world-famous bakery started in 1879 and is known for delectable bagels and baked goods both savory and sweet. Their contemporary dining room was added in recent years, and specializes in large shareable platters of 20+ dips and spreads that go perfectly with their fluffy flatbreads.

  • You may have already heard of Abu Hassan, thanks to their famously delicious hummus. It is like no other, they are in advanced levels of their hummus making skills. Pairing it along with their fresh cloud like pita bread is like a match made in heaven.

For more from Jackie, follow @noleftovers_ on Instagram.

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