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Liam Hayden, the founder of the party planning app Instaparty, gives you the lowdown on his five favorite bars in New York City.

  • Swift Hibernian Lounge is the spot for a Guinness while listening to the Stone Roses playing on the jukebox. Among the craft beer, whiskey and light bites are classic cocktails bound to liven up your evening.
  • Fool's Gold offers a great ambiance and a staff with an expertise in craft beer. From experimental local brews to eclectic international selections, there's bound to be a beer with your name on it.
  • Mercury Lounge holds the spirit of old New York with its who's who line-up of past rock performances. The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the White Stripes, Mumford & Sons and Kings of Leon have graced their stage. You never know you might see the next big rock band.
  • Upland is another hit from restaurateur Stephen Starr of El Vez and Buddakan fame. Plan ahead and secure a reservation online. You don't want to miss out on the extensive bourbon list and pasta dishes.
  • 7B Horseshoe Bar in the East Village's Alphabet City is a no-nonsense dive bar that embodies the hard-partying of New York after hours that seems to be disappearing. It's a unique experience filled with an eclectic clientele.

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