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Carlos Garcia, host of a popular Gay International Happy Hour, is no stranger to multicultural nightlife. Though he currently resides in NYC, Carlos has lived and traveled across the globe, working as a multilingual translator and foreign language instructor in Florence, Rome, and Jersey City, NJ, USA. 

Needless to say, After countless European trips, Carlos knows what to look for in a quality gay bar.

That's why Travel Savvy met up with him to get his insider take on New York's renowned LGBTQ+ nightlife and gay bar scene. 

  • An NYC gay bar staple, Pieces will always be there for a good time when you need it. Whether it's the live music, drag shows and entertainment, or karaoke, you can be sure to have a fun-filled night. (The best part? No cover charge!)
  • The first original gay bar in New York's historic Hell's Kitchen and a timeless hotspot, Posh is a favorite for locals and tourists who know the lowdown on the gay scene. Every day of the week, this spot hosts a different event such as Bingo Mondays, Wacky Wednesdays, and Sexy Saturdays to keep regulars on their toes. 
  • Dance the night away in Industry to pop favorites and Top 40 hits. Never a dull night, this club knows how to attract an eclectic mix of partygoers in the crowd, making it the perfect nightlife destination for singles. 
  • Most locals don't even know that Therapy has an amazing secret food menu on top of the thumping music, dancing, and theatrical drag shows they're known for. Next time you're ready to go out on the town, don't forget to check out Therapy's weekly events for a rotating selection of fun themes and entertaining local acts! 
  • Ever been to Chelsea? You might have walked right past this hidden gem and not even realized it. Distinguishable only by two flood lights outside, Barracuda is a fun-lover's bar offering shows every night of the week. According to Carlos, there's also a Gay International Meetup hosted here once a month, offering up a space to socialize and drink with people from around the world.

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