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Time to Rejuvenate: Miami Smoothie Destinations

By Travel Savvy

Warm weather makes us think of cold drinks, and when you’re about to hit the beach, you might want something nutritious and refreshing, like a smoothie!

Avoid the sugary calorie bombs from chain stores and check out Travel Savvy’s list to find some of Miami’s best refreshing smoothie destinations!

Jugofresh Sunset Harbour 1

Photo Credit: Jugofresh Sunset Harbour

Jugofresh Sunset Harbour

299 SE 3rd Street
Monday - Sunday 7AM - 9PM

Jugofresh has become a popular Florida chain, known for its large variety of healthy options. Fitness fanatics flock to this smoothie bar for their green smoothie options and speciality detox cleanses. This Florida hotspot creates freshly-made organic, raw, vegan, and cold- pressed smoothies with ingredients like coconut water, almond butter, mango, kale, mint, dandelion parsley, and all kinds of other natural goodies. In a rush? Try one of the grab and go smoothies, pre-bottled with the same fresh taste.

Strawberry Smoothie at Lemoni Cafe 2

Photo Credit: Lemoni Cafe

Lemoni Cafe

4600 NE 2nd Avenue
Monday - Saturday 11:30 AM- 10:30 PM, Sunday

Most popular as a locals’ brunch spot, but our spies tell us that Lemoni serves killer smoothies! Spend the day in the Buena Vista neighborhood and pop in this cozy cafe for for the friendly environment and rejuvenating smoothies. With over a dozen different flavor combinations, there’s an option for everyone. A must try is the kale, blueberries, banana, honey, and almond milk smoothie -- it pairs perfectly with the simple and healthy food options.

Smoothie at Ten Fruits 3

Photo Credit: Ten Fruits

Ten Fruits

143 NE 3rd Ave
Monday - Saturday 7AM - 7PM

Ten Fruits owner Alexander Vasquez was born in Peru and grew up eating naturally-organic tropical fruits, nuts, and roots of the Amazon jungle. After several years of research and taste testing, he has successfully  blended many of those same flavors and ingredients into Ten Fruit’s exotic smoothies and Acai Bowls. This Downtown Miami super juice cafe ensures the best tasting experience by making each smoothie to order with no water or ice, purely the ingredients listed. The menu offers a wide range of treats including whole wheat waffles, Peruvian empanadas, pastries, supercharged salads and more. Bonus: Ten Fruits offers delivery.

The Last Carrot 4

Photo Credit: The Last Carrot

The Last Carrot

3133 Grand Ave
Monday - Saturday 10:30AM- 6PM, Sunday 11AM - 5PM

Head over to this little shop in the middle of the Coconut Grove Strip Mall for a rejuvenating smoothie made with in-season fruits. Feeling a little tired? Order a shot of wheatgrass in your smoothie for an extra health kick! Chow down on the vegan and vegetarian soul food options as well.


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