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Miami Haunts: Seven Ghostly Locations of Dade County

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With an adbundance of beautiful beaches, tall palm trees, and trendy hotspots, Miami is the ideal destination to de-stress and unwind. It may come as a surprise to most, but there’s more to this city than sunshine and SPF. Thrill-seekers will rejoice when they find this list of Dade County locations, all known for hotbeds of paranormal activity.


Scenic view of Deering Estate 1

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Deering Estate

16701 Southwest 72nd Ave

An historic estate dating back to the early 1900’s, this sprawling city gem is a true hit with locals and tourists coming for tours, recreational events, and community programs. Another popular offering is the estate’s ghost tours. Built on top of tribal burial grounds where many strange rituals and practices took place, the estate offers nighttime tours as well as sleep-over visits, which start at the dark hour of 11PM! Colleen Kelley from Coconut Grove league of paranormal investigators says, “This is what we consider the holy grail in paranormal investigation.” Be sure to bring your flashlights and audio recorders to provide naysayers with first-hand evidence!

Front view of Coral Castle 2

Photo Credit: Coral Castle

Coral Castle

286 55 SW 157th

Personally built by local eccentric Edward Leedskalnin using hand tools, this castle remains an enigma to all who know of its history. Since no one ever recorded Ed’s work or know of any details regarding how he built the structures, it is assumed that every stone was moved and carved by Ed himself. It is a belief that gets even more shocking when you learn that Ed was only five feet tall and weighed 100 pounds. Mr. Leedskalnin never shared his secret of how he moved such heavy stones without the use of machinery, so the rumor is that aliens or supernatural beings assisted him.Visit the Coral Castle and decide for yourself, or read more about it at Ghost Report.

Versace Mansion Gate 3

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Versace Mansion

1116 Ocean Drive

This 23,000 sq ft mansion once belonged to famous fashion designer Gianni Versace. Versace invested millions in restoring it to its original 1930’s splendor, but was killed shortly after the completion. Years after serial killer Andrew Cunanan gunned the beloved designer down in front of the opulent gated entrance, the property has been converted to a boutique hotel for those who want to experience the utmost in luxury and service . Maybe you’ll catch a shadowy glimpse of Versace as you lounge in one of the flamboyantly glamorous guest rooms.

Curtiss Mansion Front View 4

Photo Credit: Curtiss Mansion

Curtiss Mansion

500 Deer Run

As a local historic site under preservation protections, the Curtiss Mansion serves as a peek into Florida’s development history. Built at the behest of aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss in 1925, Curtiss was also a major developer in the state’s Hialeah, Opa-Locka and Miami Springs areas. As a member of the National Register of Historic Places, it is mainly used for many community events and private celebrations. However, many visitors have claimed to feel an other worldly presence inside the building. Could it be the ghost of Glenn himself, or is it a supernatural aura of positive energy? Visit, and decide for yourself.

Miami River Inn 5

Photo Credit: Philip Pessar | Flickr

Miami River Inn

Miami River Inn 118 SW South River Drive



This little bed-and-breakfast has been around since the 1900’s, offering guests a picturesque location by the river and tiny cottage rooms. However, a select few visitors have reported an extra unwanted amenity… paranormal activity! By morning, certain folks report a haunting tales of sleepless nights, as they lay in their beds listening to creaky doors and loud running foot steps seeming to head right toward them. Others hear harsh, high-pitched scratches akin to furniture being moved around above their rooms in the middle of the night. Staff members also report spooky noises as well. Read this report on the Haunted Houses website or go check it out yourself.

Villa Paula Mansion 6

Photo Credit: Terence Cantarella

Villa Paula

5811 North Miami Ave

In the midst of the tiny run-down homes of Miami’s Little Haiti, you’ll be shocked to see a magnificent neo-classical mansion surrounded by a low stone gate. This is Villa Paula, originally erected in 1925 for Miami’s Cuban consulate Domingo Milford and his wife Paula. Soon after the couple moved in, Paula Milford died of complications from a serious leg injury. Social unrest meant that the home ceased to be an official residence within a few years, so the home was sold to another owner, who also died in the house. After decades of trouble and disrepair, Cliff Ensor purchased the home in 1974 in hopes of restoring it to glamour. That’s when the trouble started. Cliff has told tales strange apparitions, noises, and happenings, and subsequent owners agree. Once, a cat belonging to a new owner simply disappeared. Today, curious ghost hunters can read the link above or learn more on Terrance Cantarella’s excellent blog post regarding the home. Otherwise, drive by and see for yourself–keep in mind, Villa Paula is private property.


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