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The Scoop: Four Ice Cream Shops in Miami

By Travel Savvy

Looking for the scoop on the best ice cream shops in Miami? When you’re ready for a break from the relentless Miami sun, stop by one of these four ice cream shoppes for a quick, tasty pick-me-up in the form of the world's most famous frozen dessert! 

Wall's Old Fashioned 1

Photo Credit: Wall's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Facebook

Wall's Old Fashioned

8075 SW 67th Avenue


Hours: Open daily from 12PM; Fri & Sat closed 11PM, all other days closed 10PM

Each of us can remember those exciting trips to the ice cream parlor as children, standing nose-to-glass at the glass cases holding rows of colorful buckets filled with frozen happiness. Wall's Old Fashioned Ice Cream conjures bygone days with an ice cream and sundaes counter, freshly made fudge, and even Tom & Jerry cartoons projected on the back wall. Families and locals love Wall's!

Whip ‘n Dip Ice Cream Shoppe 2

Photo Credit: Whip ‘n Dip Ice Cream Shoppe Facebook

Whip‘n Dip Ice Cream Shoppe

1407 Sunset Dr


Hours: Mon-Thurs 11am-10:30pm

Fri & Sat 11am-11:30pm

Sun 12pm-10:30pm

A true classic, Whip 'n Dip has been serving homemade ice cream to the Coral Gables community for the past 30 years. Pop into this local creamery for a luscious lick of their classic and seasonal ice cream flavors or the popular malted milk shakes. Healthier patrons appreciate their line of “Lite Cream,” with only 18 calories an ounce and no sugar.

Chill ‘n Nitrogen Ice Cream 3

Photo Credit: Chill ‘n Nitrogen Ice Cream

Chill ‘n Nitrogen Ice Cream

8271 SW 124th St.


Open: Monday-Thursday 2PM-10PM; Friday 2PM-11PM; Saturday 12PM- 11PM; Sun 12pm-10pm

Chill 'n Nitrogen invites sweet tooths to geek out on the science of ice cream! Using nitrogen to flash-freeze their creamy product right before your eyes, the shoppe serves up ice cream with less ice crystals for a richer flavor. The shop menu displays available flavors on a periodic table and encourages customers to create their own “reaction”, which means mixing flavors to achieve your desired taste. Watch as your ice cream is created before your eyes, and complete the mixture by choosing from the endless list of delicious toppings -- a local favorite is the coconut shavings.

The Frieze Ice Cream Factory 4

Photo Credit: The Frieze Ice Cream Factory

The Frieze Ice Cream Factory

1626 Michigan Ave

(305) 538-0207

Hours: Monday-Thursday; Sunday 12PM-12AM; Friday;Saturday 12PM-1AM

Family run by the Warrens since 1993, local sweet shop Frieze has earned a fan base for their delicious ice cream and dairy free, vegan friendly sorbet flavors -- try the Champagne and Passion Fruit!


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