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Find Miami's Best Cupcakes

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Let's face it: Cupcakes are more than just a fad. While it seems the cupcake "craze" of the mid-2010's has settled, foodies and casual sugar-lovers never quite lost touch with our favorite miniature sweet treats. Today, cupcake bakeries can be found in just about every city on the planet, and today we're here to show you the best places to eat cupcakes in Miami. 

These four, ultra-sweet hotspots are heating up the miami scene with their mouthwatering, flavorful cupcakes and treats! Serving up cupcakes with coveted frosting-to-cupcake ratios and delectably consistent bakes, these small bites would pass any cupcake-themed game show's test. With flavors ranging from chocolate chip to maple bacon, cupcakes these cupcake shops offer treats to please everyone in your group. Let's dive in!

LA Sweets 1

Photo Credit: www.lasweetz.com

LA Sweetz Cupcake Lounge

6707 Main St


Open Monday-Thursday 11AM-9PM; Friday-Saturday 11AM-11PM; Sunday 11AM-9PM

Not only are they adorably decorated, they’re yummy too! LA Sweets debuted their famous guava cupcake on the popular Food Network show Cupcake Wars, and were a hit for incorporating guava into the batter, as opposed to simply squeezing the in filling to their cakes.

Owner Letty Alvarez became internationally famous for her skills and determination on TLC’s Next Great Baker, providing all the more reason to stop by and try a taste of her baked goodies!

Not in Miami? The shop now operates a second location in Orlando, so check the site for details. 

Sugar Yummy Mama Truck with Merchandise 2

Photo Credit: Sugar Yummy Mama Facebook

Sugar Yummy Mama

Stay up to date on changing hours and locations for this pink cupcake truck on:



The Sugar Yummy Mama truck could be coming to an avenue near you, ready to serve up scrumptious cupcakes, cake balls, pops, and more indulgent treats! These rich and delicious cakes, topped with sweet delectable icing, will make you want to lick that frosting off before getting to the good stuff! Their "choco + vanilla" special is a perfect combination of classic flavors one never tires of.  

Sweetness Bakeshop 3

Photo Credit: Instagram: @Sweetnessbakes

Sweetness Bake Shop

9549 Sw 72st


Monday Closed; Tuesday-Thursday 11AM-8PM; Friday-Saturday 11AM-11PM; Sunday 11AM-7PM

With a vast selection of 275 cupcake flavors (and more added weekly), one could never tire of Sweetness Bake Shop and their fluffy flavorful cakes. Although they’re popular around town for their wide variety and selection, Sweetness Bake Shop has the greatest cookies of all time (a.k.a. GOAT cookies), that keep loyal customers coming back for these life-changing treats.

Bunnie Cakes 4

Photo Credit: Google Earth

Bunnie Cakes

2322 NE 2 Ave


Monday-Saturday 10AM-7PM; Sunday 11AM-5PM

One of the very first vegan, gluten-free bakeries around town, Bunnie Cakes has grown into a staple watering hole for cupcake lovers from around Miami and beyond.

Many associate vegan and gluten-free treats with being flavorless, and are all too often hesitant to try them. However, Bunnie Cakes' wholesome, tasty treats are one sugar-filled mouthful of quality ingredients no one will want to skip. We recommend their banana chocolate cupcakes; they will leave your tastebuds in sheer heaven.


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