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In London and looking for quality fabrics? We've got you covered.

 Lisa Comfort, founder of Sew It Over shares her favorite fabric shops with us - check out her list here!

  • For over 25 years, Fabrics Galore has served as London's one-stop shop for all things fabric. If you're a London local, stop by when you're looking for something specific that you can't find anywhere else. If you're visiting, tour the shop and get inspired by the expansive range of brightly-colored patterns and prints.

  • Located in Soho, the Cloth House features fabrics from all around the world. The finest wools, linens, cotton and more. Staying conscious of the environment the only fabric you will not find here are leathers and suede.
  • Home to gorgeous yarns, haberdashery, and other knitting supplies, London's Loop also hosts knitting classes for everyone from beginners to experts levels. Try just one class using Loop's Japanese silk yarns and improvisational crochet techniques and you'll never go back to the no-knit life.
  • With locations in both Clapham and Islington, Lisa Comfort's own Sew Over It shops offer an impressive range of sewing supplies and fabrics as well as dozens of in-person classes. If a hotel room or shabby London flat doesn't get you in the mood to pick up a needle, try their sewing cafe, where you can sew to your heart's content for just £6 an hour, unlimited cups of tea included. 

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