Cereal Killer Cafe's Guide to Fun London Eats

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London's Unique Restaurants

After a drunken night out, Alan Keery and his brother Gary were craving a bowl of cereal. Thus, the concept of the Cereal Killer Cafe was born. Located in the hip neighborhood of Shoreditch on Brick Lane, it's a place where you can choose Cocoa Puffs, Cheerios and Count Chocula over curry.

Alan gives a tour of his much-talked about cafe and recommends quirky eats in London from tater tots to a healthy vegan chocolate cake.

  • You might know best friends James Watt and Martin Dickie from their Esquire Network show, Brew Dogs. Their chain of BrewDog bars throughout the world offers their signature crafts brew such as Punk IPA, Five AM Red Ale and Libertine Black Ale alongside eclectic guest drafts. Their location in Shoreditch by the Cereal Killer Cafe offers amazing tater tots and BBQ sandwiches.
  • Farr's School of Dancing in Dalston use to be exactly that, a dancing school. Now it's a full-service bar and restaurant serving traditional pub grub such as burgers, wings, hot dogs and chippies. On Friday nights, you can still go dancing in their basement space.
  • Voodoo Ray's is London's take on New York-style pizza. You can get a proper big slice of pizza with a variety of interesting toppings. With fun names like the Giorgio Moroder, Cabbage Patch Kid and The Meat Is On, you're bound to find a slice that speaks to your inner-New Yorker ... or Italian ... or Londoner.
  • If you need some fresh air with your drink, The White Hart located in Stoke Newington, North London is your place. When the weather is nice, you can stretch out in their huge beer garden with your beer, wine or cocktail while nibbling on their small plate selection. If you're around on the weekend, they serve a can't miss Sunday roast, and for dessert tuck into a sublime doughnut battered Oreo cookies with peanut butter cream.
  • Also in Dalston is the vegan-friendly Harvest E8 where you can indulge in a vegan chocolate cake that's to die for. While you're in chocolate heaven, you can shop for organic produce, specialty wines and eco-friendly beauty products.
  • With nine locations throughout London, The Diner caters to your craving for American food, albeit London's version of American food. Care for a little booze in your milkshake? Try the Rumble Young Man Rumble, which has vanilla ice cream, East London Liquor Co. rum and butterscotch sauce. It's the perfect way wash down their loaded fries.
  • The Goth-inspired Garlic & Shots will help you ward off vampires with heaps of garlic-infused dishes. You can listen to The Cure, Bauhaus and Siouxsie and the Banshees while trying to decide between their 101 varieties of shots. Just try to get on your bartender's good side. They can be rather moody. It is a Goth bar.

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