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There's more to London than the London Eye, red phone booths, double decker buses, Big Ben and Parliament. 

Our favorite breakfast cereal cafe owner, Alan Keery (of Cereal Killer Cafe), tells us some more off-kilter attractions, activities and destinations that will give you a different outlook on the capital.

  • Be sure to check out the local art scene by visiting The Brick Lane Gallery in Shoreditch. The constantly rotating exhibits showcases the eclectic diversity of London from emerging and established painters and sculptors. 
  • Why just watch a movie when you can interact and sing-a-long? You can do just that at the Prince Charles Cinema, a repertory theater where you can sing and dance to your hearts content to the music of Grease, Spice World, Moulin Rouge or Rocky Horror Picture Show. If that's not your thing, then enjoy their slate of classic and cult films. Just be on the lookout for the silence ninjas that quiet the crowd.
  • When you walk through Camden Market, you'll be overwhelmed the amount of second-hand shops and consignment stores. Insiders and fashionistas agree that What Goes Around Comes Around is where you can find that one-of-a-kind piece that will complete your look. From vintage military wear to lived-in leather jackets, there's something in store that will speak to your inner-hipster.
  • If you're still in the mood shopping or just want to eat and drink, Old Spitalfields Market can work wonders for you. Located not far from the Liverpool Street Tube, the market dates back to 1638 when it was used mostly for produce and livestock. Now, local artisans sell everything from jewelry, hats, shoes, clothes and handbags. Check their calendar for food and drink events throughout the year.

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