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45 Grafton Way
(027) 387-2521
Monday-Friday 12PM- 3PM, 6PM-11PM; Saturday 6PM-11PM

Sardo is an authentic restaurant in London’s West End area. This cozy italian restaurant offers flavorful Sardinian cuisine and is known for their wide selection of fresh, homemade bread. In the mood for something more casual? Head over to their sister restaurant nexdoor, the Sardo Cucina, for takeaway dishes, small plates, and casual fare. 

London Italian Restaurants

London is one of the most popular cities in the world, which means you can find savory cuisine from all over the world within the city limits. Self-proclaimed foodie Paolo Pironi knows exactly what to look for in terms of Italian food in his adopted city of London.

Paolo was born and raised in Ravenna, Italy, the home of lasagna and bolognese. As an adult, he's traveled extensively all over the globe, always sampling Italian cuisine in every new city he explored. His unofficial food research has made him an expert at how to find the value and taste in every city. Now that he lives in London full-time, we tapped him to give us the low-down on where to sit down and 'mangia'.

“London is full of very expensive, Michelin-starred Italian restaurants where food is amazing," says Paolo. "You can't always go to a 'break-the-bank' place every night. So, I've put together a list of places that may not be cheap, but where you can enjoy amazing food without breaking the bank.”

Be sure to check out this foodie's list for some of the best and reasonably priced Italian restaurants in London.

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