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Top 4 Mobile Apps: Chicago Edition

By Travel Savvy

Never visited the Windy City before? Turn to your smartphone for guidance throughout your Chi-town travels. The mobile travel apps listed can help you find everything from available parking spots to the closest farmer’s market.

Start your day with 100% battery, head out the door, and explore Chicago like a local! 

312Go App 1

Photo Credit: iTunes App Store


One of the best parts about a trip to Chicago is exploring a city full of history. 312Go is an app that lets you soak up all the interesting history your trivia-loving heart desires without following a restricting (and usually boring) tour guide.

Allow the app access to your location services, and watch as 312Go uses GPS technology to detect and pinpoint the perfect fast facts and bite-sizes stories about the places you pass. What are you waiting for? Put in some headphones and get exploring!

SpotHero App 2

Photo Credit: SpotHero App Facebook


Who wants to waste their trip to Chicago circling parking lot after parking lot looking for a spot? SpotHero helps you save time and money by providing open parking spots with discounted rates.

Available for free download on both Android and iOS devices, SpotHero is a must to avoid unnecessary stress and laps around the lot.

My Chi Parks App 3

Photo Credit: iTunes App Store

My Chi Parks

Thanks to the mobile app My Chi Parks, vistors and locals alike will never worry about finding free summer fun again. And for good reason: Did you know Chicago has over 7,000 acres of parklands in the city limits alone? 

Despite the name, this mobile apps helps you discover cultural events and art programs on top of scoping out the best parks all around Chicago. Now, you're free to travel like a local and stay "in-the-know" about everything the parks have to offer: movie nights, live concerts, festivals, theatrical plays and more. 

Foodlander App 4

Photo Credit: iTunes App Store


Did you know that Chicago is home to a wide assortment of farmers’ markets and locally grown produce? 

Thanks to the mobile app Foodlander, you can now find a farmers’ market near you with a few mere taps on a touch screen. The perfect outing for those of you shaking up in AirBnB rentals for longer stays, hit one of these local markets up to some Chicago-grown veggies and fresh, organic treats during your stay!


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