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We love the regional foods you can find in Chicago. After all, if it's good enough for Dah Bears, it's good enough for us!

We asked our friend, beauty expert Bahar Takhtehchian of BaharTak.com, about where she indulges in the Windy City beyond the hot dogs, bratwurst and Italian beef.

  • The No. 1 dish of Chicago is the deep-dish pizza, and we don't care if food critics don't call it a real pizza. Located in Lincoln Park, Peaquod's is a local institution that's been turning out their signature deep-dish since the 1970s. Their secret is the antique pans that creates a caramelized-crust for your made-to-order pie.
  • For classic steaks in an old school setting, locals flock to Gibsons Steak House on North Rush Street. Their signature is a 22-oz., bone-in prime angus that's exclusively raised for Gibson. Everything is made in house, including their two-pound baked potato, sautéed spinach and nine pounds-per-slice "Meaning of Life" chocolate cake. Yeah, we just passed out, too.
  • This wouldn't be Travel Savvy TV without a hamburger recommendation. With four locations in the city, DMK Burger Bar is the place to satisfy your burger, fries and craft beer cravings. Those with a sweet tooth will grab their ultra-thick milkshake concoctions and ice cream sandwiches.
  • Cancel your weekend brunch plans because you're ordering a heaping stack of pancakes at Walker Bro's. With six locations around Chicago, you won't be far from their famous apple cinnamon pancakes, crunchy french toast and thick-cut bacon.
  • For the creamiest ice cream around that will make you say, "Woo hoo!", Homer’s Ice Cream is the only ice cream destination you need. Founded in 1935 when Al Capone was a guest, locals grab Coco-Almond Chip, Coffee Toffee and their seasonal flavors.

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