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Deep-dish pizza lovers, rejoice! The Windy City is filled with foodie Instagrammers ready to show you their favorite #ChicagoEats!

  • Local Samantha Roby catalogs her unending appetite for every cuisine Chicago has to offer with her popular Instagram account, @ChicagoFoodAuthority. From paella with dates wrapped in bacon at go-to Spanish tapas bar Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba to bottomless boozy brunches at the Freemont Chicago, Samantha posts with her accompanying blog will make your mouth water for a Chicago trip .
  • If you're craving comfort food, feast your eyes on the @ChicagoFoodScene Instagram feed. Whether you have a hankering for homemade chicken sausage from Batter & Berries or cheesy grits made with locally-grown ingredients, there's no where better to get your homemade foodie fix!
  • Mina, a corporate marketing manager turned food and lifestyle blogger with @ChicagoFoodGirlposts an array of bright photographs of Chicago's best brunch and burger joints. Follow Mina's lead and swing by Fig & Olive to enjoy their truffled mushroom scrambled eggs with homemade toast. According to Mina's blog, it tastes even better than it looks!
  • Craving more Chicago flavor? Check out the Instagram feed of local photographer @NathanMichael, who posts stunningly realistic portraits of everyday Chicago life. Luckily, his minimalistic aesthetic doesn't extend to his appetite. Whenever Nathan eats out -- whether it's tacos and tapas, seared tilefish, or a simple doublestacked Wendy's burger -- you can be sure Nathan will share the appetizing magic. 
  • Traveling with any vegetarians? Follow @ChiFoodista, who has her finger on the pulse of the local vegan and vegetarian scene. She even extends her food-filled travels to Thailand and Dubai, making her the ultimate source to find the perfect vegetarian restaurant around the world.

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