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Everything's Bigger In Texas: Our Fave Dallas Food Instagrams

By Travel Savvy

They say everything's bigger in Texas, and the food-Instagram game is no exception. These six Instagram accounts will have you drooling and rushing to the Lone Star State. 

Pineapple 1

Photo Credit: @askfoodbitch


@askfoodbitch prides herself on telling you what to eat, and you'll like it. Her 'gram is solely devoted to the best food in Dallas, according to her. If you want even more of her top picks, you can check out her blog

Sandwich 2

Photo Credit: @dallasfoodnerd


No one "nerds out" harder over food than @dallasfoodnerd. Their stream includes everything from restaurant meals to home cooked tester recipes, so you'll get your fill of whatever you're in the mood for. 

Fried Chicken and Waffles at Remedy 3

Photo Credit: @dallas_foodie


Feast your eyes on everything from Oreo cheesecake to duck fillet. Danielle Glick, aka @dallas_foodie, is no newbie to Instagram, having multiple accounts that go into travel and leisure along with food. All that practice is clearly paying off, as seen through her 28.3K followers. 

cheese fries 4

Photo Credit: @eatingthebigd


We love the bold insta-handle, but not as much as we applaud the delicious food pictures. The man behind @eatingthebigd seems to have an affinity for all things cheesy, whether it be pizza, pasta or fries. 

Burger 5

Photo Credit: @texasfoodgawker


It's not limited to just Dallas, but this account is so good we had to make an exception. @texasfoodgawker shows off the best food Texas has to offer and makes it a point to describe exactly what you're seeing, so you can order it the next time you're in town. We love that! 

Lobster 6

Photo Credit: @bestfooddallas


Meat lovers will be big fans of @bestfooddallas. Their feed loves to include steak, chicken, and all things fried, plus the occasional salad and seafood for those healthy days. 


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