Judy Joo's Ethnic Bites in London

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Television personality and Iron Chef Judy Joo shares her can't miss the list of ethnic dining in London.

If you're in the mood for some traditional soup dumplings or feeling a little adventurous with some chicken feet, Judy will walk you through her best spots. 

  • With two locations in London, Yauatcha's dim sum will leave you frantic with choices. Pork buns! Spare Ribs! Squid! There's bound to be something that will suit your mood. 
  • If sushi is more your taste, head down to Ohisama, a small dive in Marylebone that boasts the freshest seafood in London. Stop at their sushi bar for a quick bite of the highly-recommended super deluxe chirashi, or take your date downstairs to their dinner seating and table service. 
  • Looking for the best Japanese food outside of Japan? Try Koya Bar, London's go-to spot for homemade udon noodles. They alternate their ingredients depending on what's in season, so you'll never order the same dish twice.
  • With four locations in London, the Royal China Club offers an extensive award-winning dim sum menu to anyone willing to get in the queue for a table. When you eventually take a seat, the Shanghai-style juicy pork dumplings and chicken feet with black bean sauce will make you forget the wait. 

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