Witness The Phenomenal Beauty of Marin County

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Witness The Phenomenal Beauty of Marin County!

Head outdoors in Marin County, California--and prepare to fall in love!

That’s what happened to Phil Lesh, of the Grateful Dead, one day in 1966. A fateful road trip to Marin County for a little R&R ultimately led to his settling in the area. It was the astonishing romance and beauty that drew him in; he explains, “It’s hard to put it into words. There’s a certain magic about it.” In 2012 he founded Terrapin Crossroads -- a popular music venue and eatery in San Rafael.

From mountain ranges to wind-swept beaches, oak-bay woodlands and savannas to grasslands and bubbling creeks, this unique paradise just outside of San Francisco is home to an amazing array untouched environments and biodiversity that make up a large portion of Northern California. Hikers, mountain bikers, photography enthusiasts and wildlife lovers converge to this coastal locale year-round.

Daniel Dietrich -- a professional wildlife photographer and certified California Naturalist -- informs us, “Marin is incredible for many reasons. Over 50% of North America’s birds have been documented here, and 85 species of mammals. So it’s truly a wildlife paradise.”

He doesn’t want you to just take his word for it, though. Join Dietrich as he guides you along the Point Reyes Safari, where you can capture beautiful snapshots of California’s native tule elk, mountain lions, long-tailed weasels and more.

Marin County is all about the outdoors -- so grab your camera, strap on your hiking boots and get outside!


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