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A magical experience awaits you in Marin County, California!

Located just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in the North Bay, Marin County is only an hour-long drive away from San Francisco, making it a paradise for water enthusiasts and those seeking to connect with Mother Nature all year round.  

This beautiful coastal town is perfect for those looking to dive into the waters of Tomales Bay, a long, narrow inlet of the Pacific Ocean that sits next to Point Reyes Peninsula and the mainland. It's in these serene waters where you can explore water sports year-round.

Winter months mean sunny skies and calm waters, so book a paddleboarding class or explore the Bay in a kayak. When the wind picks up in the summer months, it’s time to try your hand at windsurfing and kitesurfing at many of the beautiful spots across Marin County, including Stinson Beach and San Rafael. Windsurfing Champion Cort Larned, the owner of 101 Surf Sports in San Rafael, explains that these easy-to-do water sports are massively popular and fun for all age groups.

No matter when you plan your trip, the sun will be shining and it'll be a perfect time to try your hand at any number of watersports that locals get to enjoy year round.

The waters of Marin County are waiting for you!

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