Marin County: A Girl’s Weekend Destination

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California’s Marin County is popular with people who want to spend time outdoors, but we love that the destination offers a way to relax, too. From cheese tastings to winery tours, Marin County is full of some seriously decadent activities for a trip with the girls.

This beautiful coastal destination offers plenty of fine dining and wine tastings opportunities and coupled with its close proximity to Sonoma and Napa Valley vineyards, it's one of the most well-situated destinations to host a Californian weekend away with your friends or loved ones.

Plus, since Marin has perfect access to the Pacific, you’ll spot breathtaking views and expansive beaches pretty much no matter which bed and breakfast or tranquil hotel you pick for a place to stay.

We recommend browsing through to find the best things to do and places to stay in this gorgeous Californian crossroads.


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