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With Valentine's Day a few days away, love is officially in the air!

If you're still searching for a last-minute romantic getaway, why not head to Beijing, Hong Kong or Tokyo?

  • According to The Guardian, a handful of short-stay "love hotels" in Beijing are offering romantically-themed rooms, complete with kinky decor, to couples seeking a few hours alone. With names like "Lots of Love" and "We Love," don't be surprised if your room comes equipped with vibrating furniture, heart shaped beds and a Jacuzzi sprinkled with rose petals. If you work up an appetite, the front desk offers amenities like ramen packets and disposable chopsticks.
  • McDonald's recently launched a new, superfood dining concept titled McDonald's Next. Located in Hong Kong's chic Admiralty neighborhood, McDonald's Next serves up sides of quinoa, beets, kale and other ingredients not commonly found on a McDonald's menu. With "Create Your Taste" iPad ordering stations and table service, this will be one cafe you won't mind taking your valentine to.
  • Have a sweet tooth? Why not take your date to Japan, where it's a Valentine's Day tradition for a woman to give chocolates to the men in her life. Japan is actually known for their creative and bizarre candies, which range from phallic mushroom chocolates to sweet potato-flavored Kit Kats -- great news for those who find Hershey's Kisses and the Whitman's Sampler a little too lackluster.
  • Still need a flight? Check out flight times with Air Canada through Toronto, where you can jet to Beijing for under $1000.

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