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Looking to make air travel less painful?

From Twitter faux pas to a seat-swapping app, we'll show you how to handle difficult and embarrassing situations during your flight. 

  • Do you have any travel horror stories? You've got something in common with actress Andie MacDowell, who recently had her first class seat switched to what she called "tourist class." During a flight from Los Angeles to Charlotte, she took to Twitter to shame American Airlines for the coach class swap. In reality, MacDowell's seat was switched due to the size of her dog. Thus, the flight crew was just doing their job. Our advice? Switch your smartphone to airplane mode, watch Groundhog's Day and wait through the flight before angrily tweeting the airline something you might regret!
  • Need another travel nightmare story to feel better about your struggles? One Reddit user was desperate to avoid his fellow passenger's excessive gas passing that he wrote an S.O.S. note on a napkin to give to a flight attendant. Unfortunately, a contained space flying thousands of feet above ground didn't provide much relief, besides the comedic variety.
  • If you're looking for a way to conveniently swap seats with a fellow passenger in real time, download the mobile app Seateroo. Find your flight, post your seat offering, accept a fellow passenger's payment and you've got a new seat! This app is perfect for those who are willing to part with a few bucks in exchange for a little extra leg room or an aisle seat.

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