Boeing's Big Plans + NCL's Mexican Adventure!

Boeing's Big Plans + NCL's Mexican Adventure! will begin shortly.

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In this week's travel news, Boeing is getting ready to unveil the largest twin-engine passenger airplane by 2020!

Also, we've got the skinny on a cruise deal for an 11-day journey with Norwegian Sun out of San Diego to Mexico.

  • Boeing has announced that 2020 will mark the initial flights for the massively wide 777-9x, the largest twin-engine passenger airplane in the world with a wing span of 235 feet. That's longer than four semi-tractor trailers parked end to end! Since the wingspan is too large for many international airports, Boeing has designed the wingtips to fold up on special locking hinges. The $400M plane, the first in the triple seven x series, will start production in 2017 and is sixteen inches wider than the competing Airbus 350-1000. Overall, the triple seven x's promise bigger, more comfortable seating configurations for economy passengers and more operating efficiency overall. This gigantic 400 plus passenger plane raises the bar on long-distance air travel! Look for this beauty when you book with some of the largest airlines like Emirates, Lufthansa and Cathay Pacific who have already placed orders with Boeing.
  • Need an October getaway idea that includes the ocean breeze, the beaches of Manzanillo, snorkeling in Mazatlan and so much more? Norwegian Sun is offering an 11-day cruise to Mexico's Riviera out of none other than San Diego, California. A true value that starts at $699 per person, our travel team can't find anything else with as many dining options and spectacular ports of call as this one. You will also dock in Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas before returning to San Diego. See the NCL site for details.

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