How to Get to Cuba: What You Need to Know

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After 50 years of being denied access, Americans can finally hop on a flight to Cuba for all the cigars, rum, and warm Havana nights we can take.

But this burgeoning new tourist destination can be tricky to travel to. We’ve got a few insider tips to help make your next Cuban vacation a little easier.

Cuban Visa + Tourist Cards

  • While some international travelers will need a visa to enter Cuba, US travelers simply need a “tourist card,” which can be purchased in one of two ways. The first is physically heading to the Cuban Embassy in Washington D.C. and buying one for $50 in-person.
  • If you’re like most of us and don’t live in close vicinity to the nation’s capital, you’ll have to buy online. Currently, the best deal Travel Savvy has found is to head to Cuba Visa Services to process the visa.
  • Finally, if you’re flying direct from USA to Cuba with Delta, Jetblue, or United, these three airlines offer the option to purchase the tourist card at your airport upon check-in.

How to Find a Flight to Cuba

  • Google and other run-of-the-mill flight search engines won’t always show an abundance of direct flights to Cuba. We recommend searching either Skyscanner or Hipmunk to score the best possible direct Cuban flight routes.

Want to know more about how to get around, use currency, and access the internet in this unplugged destination? Keep an eye out for our next episode of We Hear, where we’ll be covering everything you need to know once you arrive at your Cuban vacation destination!

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