Best Cities For Vegans And Vegetarians

Sweetgreen LA

Sweetgreen LA

Going meat-free has taken hold of travel destinations all over the globe. Whether you're vacationing or moving, check out our list of the most vegan-friendly cities here!

  • Vegan Cheeses at Vromage
  • Vendors at the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival
  • Photo Credit: Dave Berkowitz Flickr
  • Veganz Grocery in Berlin

There was a time not long ago when being a vegan traveler meant you packed nuts and granola in your suitcase, and you’d be forced to settle for a side salad and fries when dining out.

Today, the idea of going meat-free has taken hold of destinations all over the globe.  Some cities have truly managed to cultivate a culture of sustainability for all their citizens, supporting a better-for-the-earth lifestyle that goes beyond local farmers’ markets and vegetarian-friendly restaurants. Check out some of the best vegan-friendly cities here.

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