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Ready to take a holistic and healthy approach to the west coast?

Phil Graves, Director of Corporate Development at Patagonia, has been living, working, and playing on the Ventura County Coast in California for years.

Whether you’re on your lunch break or a relaxing vacation, Phil’s picks will guide you through some of Ventura’s best spots to eat and play.

  • Whether you’re going on a relaxing family outing to lounge on the beach or a beginner catching some waves, Mondo’s Beach is the place to be. This sand and rock beach is a local favorite for the chill family friendly environment. Long boarders, paddle boarders, and all beginners this is a judge free zone where you can get your skills up and relax afterwards.

  • A hotspot for wave chasers, Surfer’s Point is a favorite for both surfers and wind surfers. Amenities include showers, restrooms, and picnic tables. Spend the day enjoying fun under the sun people watching and strolling around this panoramic seashore.

  • Known for having rich quality coffee, Palermo has become a popular watering hole among cyclists looking for their caffeine fix and locals alike. Sample exquisite local brews, drip coffee. tasty gelato and other yummy treats inside this hip urban setting or al fresco.

  • Excellent local bike shop, MetalMTN Bike Shop has all you need whether it is for road or mountain bikes. Expert mechanics assist guests every step of the way making your visit as accommodating as possible. On weekends meetup with staff and local bikers for a ride around Ventura County.

  • Follow a beautiful scenic route located along a country hillside on the Ventura River Trail.  Ride through horse pastures, and trail along former and present businesses that keep Ventura flourishing.  

  • Lure Fish Bar is the perfect go-to place for top tier seafood and uniquely prepared selections from the chef. Enjoy samples from their delicious oyster bar and don’t forget to try their top notch deserts!

  • One of the first locations in Ventura County to showcase cheese and wine pairing, the Paradise Pantry is both an eatery and a artisan cheese and wine shop. Locals rave of this downtown Ventura restaurant. Be sure to checkout favorite dishes such as the Lobster Mac and Cheese and the Old World Pastrami.

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