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Discover the Best Gelato in Italy

By Tara Sowlaty

One of our favorite social influencers, the fun-loving blogger Tara Sowlaty, is no stranger to artisan Italian gelato. Tara enjoys traveling, finding great eats, living life to the fullest, and chronicling her adventures on her blog, How You Glowand via her drool-worthy instagram. Today, she shares her top three favorite gelato locations throughout Italy.

Giolitti Three-Scoop Gelato 1

Photo Credit: Yelp!


+39 06 699 1243

Open daily, 7:30AM-1:30AM


Giolitti is the oldest ice cream parlor in Rome. We trust Tara when she says "there's a reason there's always a line for this perfect gelato! A cafe and pastry shop, Giolitti serves as a sugary-sweet haven for tourists and in-the-know locals alike. But, perhaps mostly importantly, their gelato is all about the delicious dessert toppings. Do yourself a favor and order a medium cone with a chocolate dipped top, two original-flavored scoops and topped with 'pana' (a.k.a. whipped cream.)

Multiple Gelato Cones from Gelateria Dondoli 2

Photo Credit: TripAdvisor

Gelateria Dondoli

+39 0577 942244

Open daily, 8AM-12AM

Housed in the main piazza of San Gimignano in Tuscany, this award-winning gelato has been dubbed "the best gelato in the world," and Tara "definitely agrees!" The Gelateria Dondoli homemade gelato texture is "light as air, yet inextricably creamy," which sounds pretty much to die for. Tara's review in summary? "Absolute PERFECTION."

De Neri Gelato Bowls with Waffles 3

Gelateria dei Neri

+39 055 210034

Open daily 10AM-12AM

Via dei Neri, 9/11, 50122 Firenze, Italy

Florence is supposedly the birthplace of gelato, so don't be surprised if you are greeted by a Gelateria about every 10 steps you take in the historic city. One of Tara's favorites in the city is definitely Dei Neri due to their "amazing flavor selection." According to Tara, "they have rose and fig gelato, my two most favorite flavors ever!" 

M’O Il Gelato in NYC 4

Photo Credit: M’O Il Gelato


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