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Gelato in NYC

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One of the many benefits of being a local New Yorker is being able to sample an endless amount of delicious goods from other cultures. Among the many favorite New York desserts is the Italian Gelato. Authentic Gelato makers have brought their homeland recipes and have whipped us up into a frenzy with all these savory flavors!

 L’Arte del Gelato 1

Photo Credit: L’Arte del Gelato

L’Arte del Gelato

75 Ninth Avenue


Open Monday through Sunday 11AM-10PM

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as gelato on a sunny day. Avoid the drippy cones, skip the sprinkles and head over to L’Arte del Gelato to sample a seasonal cast of flavors in both gelato and sorbet. Artisanal gelato makers use recipes from Sicily and craft each flavor by hand with fresh, all natural ingredients, and lots of love. The long line is worth the wait for favorite flavors such as hazelnut, tiramisu, and pistachio.

Laboratorio del Gelato 2

Photo Credit: Laboratorio del Gelato | Yelp

Laboratorio del Gelato

188 Ludlow Street


Open Monday through Thursday: 7:30AM-10PM; Friday 7:30AM-12AM; Saturday 10AM-12AM; Sunday 10AM-10PM

Down in the Lower East Side at Laboratorio del Gelato, scientists donning white lab coats experiment with unique combinations creating delicious flavors with the freshest ingredients! Take your taste buds on a joyride with flavors such as Sambuca, Chocolate amaretto cinnamon, and Lavender honey. Get them while you can, only a handful of flavors are made everyday!

Grom 3

Photo Credit: Grom


233 Bleecker Street


Open Sunday through Thursday 11AM-12:30PM; Friday through Saturday 11AM-1:30PM

Any reputable New Yorker has browsed through Grom’s handful of locations throughout the city savoring their exquisite recipes of gelato straight from Milan. This high quality gelato features seasonal fruit and unique international ingredients. Vanilla beans from Madagascar make an appearance in their Vaniglia flavor and Ecuadorian “Arriba” Chocolate Chips  are featured in Stracciatella; be sure to check out these delicious flavors that have been crafted to frosty creamy perfection.

M’O Il Gelato 4

Photo Credit: M’O Il Gelato

M’O Il Gelato

178 Mulberry Street


Open Monday through Friday 12:30PM- 7PM; Saturday through Sunday 12:30PM-9PM

Everyone knows that fresh and organic does the body good and has an unparalleled taste. The crafters behind M’O II Gelato know this all too well and have concocted tasty traditionally made gelato for us to swoon over. Head over to any of their 3 NYC locations in Nolita, Upper East side and Gansevoort Market to try flavors like Rum e Uvetta, Pistacchio Siciliano, and Nocciola.


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