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When in Tropea: A Travel Guide

Located in Calabria, Italy, Tropea is a coastal town bordered by the Tyrrhenian Sea. This beautiful beach town can serve as a destination for either a beach holiday, or simply a stop during a trip to Italy. For instance, if you are staying in Rome, but longing for the sea, the commute to Tropea takes about six hours via public transportation. The sea views from the train are stunning!

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Beach at Tropea Italy 1

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Beach at Tropea

This Italian seaside town contains stunning beaches that are guaranteed to impress visitors. The water is clear and calm, which makes it perfect for swimming. Not only are the views of the beach beautiful, but the view of Tropea from the water is stunning, also.

Cipolla Rossa di Tropea 2

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Red onions in Tropea

Tropea is known for its red onions (Italian: "Cipolla Rossa di Tropea").

You will find them in various dishes, such as: salads, paninis, and, of course, pasta.

They taste slightly sweeter than the red onions that are found in American supermarkets. In our opinion, they are a cross between shallots and red onions. 

view of bedroom in Tropea apartment 3

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Where to Stay in Tropea Italy

Largo Guglielmini
Tropea, Vibo Valentia

There are not many hotels in Tropea; therefore, we recommend using Airbnb in order to find short-term lodging. Airbnb helps people find comfortable living places to live while abroad. 

We found a beautiful apartment that is located just minutes away from beach, walking. The host, Stella, is hospitable and helpful - if you do not speak Italian fluently, she will help you arrange excursions, dinner reservations, and taxis. 

See pictures and check availability here.

chocolate hazelnut nocciola gelato 4

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Best gelato in Tropea

Gelateria da Mimmo

Via Montevideo 8, Tropea, Italy

Authentic Italian gelato is quite a treat! In Tropea, locals recommend going to Gelateria da Mimmo.

pizza from Vecchio Granaio 5

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Best pizza in Tropea

Vecchio Granaio

Largo Guglielmini, Tropea, Italy

Pizzerias usually offer more than just pizza, and Airbnb host Stella recommends going to Vecchio Granaio. There, you can indulge in authentic Italian pizza and other traditional dishes!


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