Gym Rats-The Tulum Jungle Gym Awaits!

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Tulum Jungle Gym, The Perfect Mix of Beach and Exercise Studio!

Are you the type who packs your workout gear in your luggage so that you don't miss a sweat sesh? You'll be happy to hear about the latest fitness destination, Tulum Jungle Gym, that is right on the beach, in Tulum, Mexico. Fitness lovers, you can now stare at the ocean waves while doing your cleans and presses, or lunge your way across the sandy shore for an extra challenging workout. Owner Alastair Carter, an ex-member of the Royal Marines, and his Ironman-tri-athlete girlfriend Katie Davies launched this eco-friendly gym last year, by outfitting a section of the beach-front with an impressive array of equipment that Fred Flintstone would have loved! Among traditional gear such as kettlebells, boxing bags and bumper plates, they've also got wooden squat cages and benches, dumbbells made using concrete stones, lifting logs, climbing ropes, Olympic rings and more.

The Tulum Jungle Gym is perfectly situated near lots of beachfront hotel choices, such as luxe boutique property, Encantada Tulum, just a quick 15-minute walk down the sand. The tiny 8-room inn caters to travelers 12-years and older, and offers a spa, restaurant, and lovely views of the ocean waves.

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