European Barge Cruises and the Tour de France!

European Barge Cruises and the Tour de France! will begin shortly.

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Barge cruising is THE way to see Europe these days--cycling fans can also follow the Tour de France on board a barge this coming Summer!

All across Europe, you’ll find intricate antique waterways made up of a series of canals and rivers meandering through the countryside. Once used for transporting cargo, the barges that wind down these canals now are floating boutique hotels, each lovingly refurbished and ready to ferry two to twenty travelers on an unforgettable all-inclusive top-shelf getaway with deluxe accommodations, interesting sightseeing, and luxurious service, enhanced with a daily menu of fine wines, boutique spirits, and gourmet cuisine.

Guests are invited to sit back, relax, and explore while an onboard dedicated dream team---including a boat captain, hostess, Chef, and tour guide--do all the heavy lifting.  They’ll do the cooking and cleaning, pilot the barge, and provide you with chauffeured tours of local vineyards, châteaux, historic churches, lively markets, and more.

One of our favorite booking companies in the market is Barge Lady Cruises, a family-owned company that represents about 50 of the approximately 75 barges in the European market. The Barge Lady team is super knowledgeable about the different barges and types of specialty experiences available.

One of their upcoming cruises is PERFECT for fans of the epic Tour De France, the most famous bike race in the world! Hop aboard the deluxe 6-passenger barge Savannah from July 22nd til the 28th, and head to Carcassonne in time to experience stage 15 of the Tour! You’ll have access to a fleet of Professional Carbon Racing cycles onboard, which will be fitted to each guest’s exact requirements, and you’ll be escorted on guided bicycle rides with a professional cyclist on sections of the Tour’s course. You’ll only need to bring only your own shoes, pedals, and helmets!

For more on the types of routes you’ll be able to explore, check out this video about the Tour de France from our friends at Col Collective.

Barge season is from mid-April til the end of October, and there are a limited number of boats to choose from, so it’s important to book early.

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