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Expert traveler Michaela Guzy explores the nexus of travel, food, and philanthropy on her website Oh The People You Meet.

On this Lowdown, Guzy gives us the scoop on her most memorable travel experiences. 

  • Aman Resorts offers a unique local immersion experience that allows you to visit and stay with a local Bhutan family. Back at the resort, enjoy the contemporary lodging surrounded by forests and orchards. 
  • Fly over buffalo herds on a helicopter with Africa Bush Camps -- Botswana. After viewing the local African wildlife from above, you'll be whisked to a luxury picnic location. You can make your friends back home jealous with your champagne toasts next to a wlid elephant. 
  • Environmentalists will love to explore the 7,000 acre Australian nature reserve at One & One's Wolgan Valley Resort. During your stay, enjoy an adventurous horseback ride through the grounds while passing jumping kangaroos on the trail.
  • Take your travel voyage to the sea with South Africa's Great White Project. Step into a cage, safely hang out with great white sharks, and immerse yourself in the incredible aquatic life off the coast of Gansbaai.

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