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New York-based entrepreneur Lori Cheek walks us through her favorite shopping destinations in Manhattan! 

Tag along as she hunts for hats, accessories and high fashion, all while finding the best bang for her buck.

  • Continue your never-ending search for the perfect handbag at Henri Bendel in midtown, a New Yorker's favorite source for designer statement pieces. As a self-proclaimed hat-fanatic, Lori particularly enjoys their Satya Twena hat collection.
  • Want to make money and shop, all in the same place? Enter New York's Ina Designer Consignment. With multiple locations throughout the city, it's easy to pop in, sell your old or unused designer threads, and sort through racks filled with designer clothes, shoes, and accessories -- all at thift shop prices. 
  • In the historic downtown neighborhood of Greenwich Village, a hidden gem can be found in Goodwill's 8th Street location. From used books to designer coats, sifting through the duds is completely worth finding that perfect sweater. 
  • Looking for a piece that no one else has? Head to FINDERZ KEEPERZ Vintage Boutique in Harlem to shop from their unique selection of retro apparel and accessories. Wanderlusting from afar? Check out their recently launched Etsy page!

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