Best Themed Restaurants in NYC

Pietro Nolita Exterior Shot

Pietro Nolita

NYC is filled with clever themed restaurants of every type! If you're looking for a unique place to eat, click through for our picks of the Best Themed Restaurants in Manhattan.

  • Napkins at Pietro Nolita
  • Drinks at Beetle House
  • Ninja Entrance
  • Exterior Sign at Otto's Shrunken Head

A theme restaurant, according to Wikipedia, is an eatery where the “concept takes priority over everything else,” and is reflected in the design, menu items, music, and overall vibe.

Manhattan is home to lots of these unique concept-centric gems, from stadium-sized tourist attractions (Bubba Gump Shrimp, Planet Hollywood) to kid-centered branding machines (American Girl Cafe), from bookish (The Dead Poet) to spooky (Jekyll and Hyde), and every theme in between. Our Travel Savvy editors love finding unique restaurants of NYC, especially the clever ones. Click through for our picks of the Best Themed Restaurants in NYC.

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