NYC's Unexpected Experiences: DJ Lessons, Aerial Yoga & More

NYC's Unexpected Experiences: DJ Lessons, Aerial Yoga & More will begin shortly.

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Michaela Guzy, New Yorker and founder of the website Oh The People You Meet, shares her favorite hidden gems in the city. 

  • Interested in the NYC music scene, but aren't sure where to begin? Learn how to DJ and produce music at Scratch Academy, founded in 2002 by Run-DMC's Jam Master Jay. Private lessons are available, but Michaela suggests trying a group class to meet like-minded artists and producers. 
  • If your regular gym routine is getting stale, why not take your workout to OM factory? You can flip, twirl, and dance in the air using the silk drapings available in their aerial yoga classes. With two locations and affordable pricing, you're bound to find a restorative class or workshop that works with your skill level. 
  • Fun City Tattoo invites you to sip on a cup of joe while picking out your ideal ink. Work with artists like Mina Aoki (cousin of EDM artist Steve Aoki) over coffee and traditional American tattoo artwork.
  • If you're tired of paying taxi and MetroCard fares, try the Citi Bike Sharing Program. With 330 drop-off/pick-up locations peppered throughout the city, there's no better, and healthier, way to travel between New York's boroughs.
  • For Manhattanites looking to explore neighboring boroughs, Brooklyn invites you to explore Bushwick's graffiti and street art with Free Tours by Foot. From Harlem to Soho, this company offers free tours for almost every neighborhood in the city.
  • Start your day off with a bang with Day Breaker, a movement that brings people together through music, yoga, and a daily dance party. Afterwards, enjoy coffee and snacks before officially starting your day. 
  • Get involved with the city by volunteering with Street Project. Whether you're delivering meals to seniors or helping disadvantaged children paint, Street Project will connect you with the perfect non-profit opportunity. 

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