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Places to Rock Climb in NYC

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NYC is known for being a concrete playground for many, but our rock climbing New Yorkers take this saying to a new perspective. Stay active and challenge yourself to a rock climbing workout. Classes cater to a range of climbers; beginners, experts, and everything in between. No matter where in the Big Apple you are, it’s time to challenge yourself to make it all the way to the top.

Bouldering climbers at Brooklyn Boulders Indoor Climbing Gym 1

Photo Credit: Brooklyn Boulders Facebook Page

Brooklyn Boulders

Brooklyn Boulders

575 Degraw St Brooklyn, NY 11217

(347) 834-9066

Open Monday-Thursday 7AM-12AM; Saturday-Sunday 8AM-12AM


Join an eclectic group of individuals all striving to excel and make it to the top... of the rock climbing wall, that is. Brooklyn Boulders main location is housed in an impressive 22,000 square feet space chalk full of vibrant art, top-notch equipment and a variety of classes to spice up your workout routine such as yoga, acroyoga, and capoeira. Fans of the 'bouldering' climbing style will love this particular location's vast range of boulder routes, updated weekly. Plus, the staff offers climbing lessons for everyone from beginners to advanced climbers searching for new techniques.

Dumbo Boulders Under the Manhattan Bridge 2

Photo Credit: Dumbo Boulders Facebook Page

Dumbo Boulders, Dumbo

Dumbo Boulders

Under the Manhattan Bridge;  99 Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

(718) 489-8363

Open Monday-Friday 10AM-10PM; Saturday-Sunday 9AM-8PM


Anyone seeking a thrilling adventure while enjoying some stellar sightseeing should check out Dumbo boulders. Situated just beneath the Manhattan bridge makes this location prominent for viewing the Manhattan skyline. A variety of bouldering basics and bouldering movement classes will prep you up to push your limit against these gigantic walls. There are also great clinics to take part in such as the Ladies Bouldering Clinic which allows ladies to train together and socialize over the great sport of climbing.

The Cliffs at LIC 3

Photo Credit: The Cliffs at LIC Facebook Page

The Cliffs at LIC

The Cliffs at LIC

11-11 44th Dr, Long Island City, NY 11101

(718) 729-7625

Open Monday-Friday 7AM-12AM; Saturday-Sunday 9AM-10PM


Find everything you need to practice and have fun with this dynamic sport at LIC. Whether you are a seasoned climber or just a beginner, instructors offer a variety of classes and clinics to assist with building up your technical skills in all styles of climbing, from sport, trad, ice, or whichever terrain it is that you are determined to conquer. There are also classes offered for top rope, bouldering, sport lead, and more. Instructors help build your confidence on your next big tackle against the rock climbing wall by improving footwork, weight distribution, balance, and working with your center of gravity on the wall.

Rock Climbing at Chelsea Piers Sports Center 4

Photo Credit: Chelsea Piers Sports Center Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing at Chelsea Piers Sports Center

Rock Climbing at Chelsea Piers Sports Center

Pier Sixty; 60 Chelsea Piers, New York, NY 10011

(212) 336-6000

Open Monday- Wednesday 1PM-10PM; Tuesday-Thursday 5PM-10PM; Friday 1PM-9PM; Saturday-Sunday 10AM-8PM


Chelsea Piers is home to some of the greatest sports facilities in NYC, it also nests a 46’ climbing wall (one of the tallest in America) with a rooftop climbing portion available for those experienced thrill-seekers who want a grand obstacle to challenge themselves with. Their numerous and continually-updated climbing routes span over 11,000 square feet and test both novice and experts alike.  

Rock Climbing Routes at Steep Rock Bouldering in NYC 5

Photo Credit: Steep Rock Bouldering Facebook Page

Steep Rock Bouldering

Steep Rock Bouldering

1506 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10029

(212) 410-7070

Open Monday-Friday 8AM-11PM; Saturday-Sunday 9AM-10PM


Build upon your strength and endurance alongside excellent instructors at Steep Rock Bouldering, located in New York's Upper East Side neighborhood. Classes range from beginner to expert and begin at $25.

Central Park Rock Climbing 6

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Outdoor Activities in NYC

Craving more rock climing routes? We've included some in our list of favorite outdoor activities in New York City


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