Discovering Central Park's Best Spots

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Think you know Central Park? Even if you're visiting for the first time or a local, there's plenty you might not know. Fit Tours founder Mike Riordan walks us through the secret nooks and hard-to-find areas of this iconic New York City landmark. 

  • With attractions like the Wollman Ice Rink and Central Park Zoo sitting at the park's perimeter, it can be easy to overlook The Great Lawn sitting in the parkland's geographical center. Over the decades, The Great Lawn has hosted concerts from artists such as Simon and Garfunkel, Bon Jovi and the New York Philharmonic. On days without musical appearances, escape the city's hustle and bustle with a casual game of catch or a waterfront picnic. 
  • Designed to be the most secluded area of the park, the North Woods is often too elusive for the average tourist to stumble upon. Take advantage of the city's Woodland Discovery Program for a free tour, complete with relaxing views of the Loch stream and ravine. 
  • Originally home to flocks of sheep, Sheep Meadow became the site of many protests, concerts and events in the 1960's, including the live screening of Neil Armstrong's televised moon landing in 1969. Today, Sheep Meadow is the park's largest green and boasts the some of the best views of Manhattan's famous skyline.
  • Named after its cherry trees, Cherry Hill features a stunning historical fountain atop a vast mound overlooking the Central Park Lake. Stroll through to soak in the beauty of the blooming forsythias and azaleas or watch boats make their way into the lake at nearby Wagner Cove.

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