Sweat It Out: Hot Yoga in NYC

Pure Yoga Studio's Rebecca Hajek Teacher

Pure Yoga

True to the name, Yoga to the People makes yoga accessible w/ low-cost classes. Focus on the important things & save a few dollars for peace of mind!

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Hot yoga has earned a space in the heart of New Yorkers, proving that it is not "simply a fad" that swept over the city. Instead, hot yoga has become a staple, go-to space for unwinding, relaxing, and sweating out all our stresses away. Loosen up in rooms that range from 90-105 degrees flowing in and out of invigorating yoga postures.

Admittedly, the hustle and bustle of the city, especially when you live here seven days a week, can be quite draining. But after a class at one of our 5 favorite hot yoga locations you'll leave with feelings of peacefulness, calm, and clarity of your yoga high to tackle on your day with ease.

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