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Fashion Bloggers & the 5 LA Fashion Blogs We Love

By Travel Savvy

Fashion has always been associated with New York City, home of every shade of black there ever was and where the first US Fashion Week was held, in 1945. And yet, Los Angeles fashion has slowly and surely become a major contender with LA born-and-bred labels like Rick Owens, Trina Turk, and Monique Lhuiller becoming part of the international style dialog.

Proof that the Los Angeles fashion scene is on par with its East Coast cousin can be found in the vast blogosphere, where a seemingly endless supply of well-dressed California style darlings dot the landscape. Ranging from quirky to refined, extravagant to austere, edgy or beach-ready, we love them all, especially when they love travel as much as we do. If we must narrow it down, Travel Savvy's five favorite fashion-and-travel connoisseurs from the West Coast are below.

Sincerley Jules 1

Photo Credit: @sincerelyjules

Julie Sarinana

While studying at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Julie took up blogging as a vessel to release her creativity and share her wardrobe with the world. Since then, she has been a huge inspiration to fashionistas everywhere and has been featured in every major fashion magazine from GlamourElleVogueCosmopolitan and more. Expect to see a seamless combination of her high fashion pieces paired with rare vintage finds against beautiful backdrops as she travels around the world.

Rumi Neely 2

Photo Credit: @rumineely

Rumi Neely

Rumi pioneered the California sense of style of dressing up easy-going basics with statement pieces. Her blog Fashion Toast is our pick and the antithesis to fussy, high-brow fashion blogs which seem to be omnipresent in every corner of the world (wide web.)

Jacey Duprie 3

Photo Credit: @damselindior

Jacey Duprie

Damsel in Dior's focus touches on everything from high fashion, makeup, accessories, and scenic travel destinations like Italy, Mexico, and France. Her busy feed displays combinations of her ventures and unfailingly sophisticated ensembles featuring luxe brands such as Dior, Valentino, Manolo Blahnik and more.

Aimee Song 4

Photo Credit: @songofstyle

Aimee Song

Reaching an impressive 2.3 million followers around the world on Instagram, Aimee Song gives us a glimpse of her lavish lifestyle as she pairs together chic, on-trend outfits with a jaw-dropping collection of to-die-for shoes. With Aimee’s extensive polished wardrobe viewers are always surprised and left wanting more. We particularly love her recent post “Ruffled Marni in Florence," which you can read here

Shea Marie 5

Photo Credit: @peaceloveshea

Shea Marie

Shea Marie's blog offers everything from friendly fashion advice to health and fitness tips. She has a very bold sense of fashion and isn’t afraid to mix up prints and leather. She inspires her audience to be unique and ingenious by seamlessly blending styles together to achieve their personal niche.


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