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Four Classic Diners in Downtown LA

By Travel Savvy

It's easy to get caught up in the dozens of trendy, hip restaurants that fill the streets of downtown LA. When you’re looking for a casual, greasy spoon eatery, try one of these five diners for a laid-back meal in the city of flowers and sunshine.

Original Pantry Coffee 1

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Original Pantry Cafe

877 S Figueroa St
(213) 972-9279
Open 24/7

The Original Pantry Cafe is one of LA's classic diners. Known as “The Pantry” to locals, this cash-only, 24-hour cafe hasn't closed once since opening in 1924. With a cozy, casual feel, you can grab anything from a stack of Pantry's fluffy pancakes to a juicy cheeseburger at any hour of the day.

Nickel Diner breakfast 2

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Nickel Diner

524 S. Main St
(213) 623-8301
Tuesday - Saturday 8AM-10PM, Sunday 8AM-3:30PM

Nickel Diner is edgy, cool, and it has a great atmosphere. You get large portions for your money, and who doesn’t love that? Known for it’s to-die-for desserts and classic breakfasts, this is definitely a place you’ll need to stop by at least once. And when you go, make sure to get the maple bacon donut… it’s a classic.

Homeboy Diner treats 3

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Homeboy Diner

201 N Main St
(213) 542-6190
Monday-Friday 6AM-5PM

Located right in City Hall, Homeboy Diner has an ideal, popular location and a delicious assortment of food. Sit down and enjoy your meal inside the spacious restaurant. In a hurry? You can also pre-order your meal for pickup. With a bunch of hot or cold dishes to choose from, you will not be disappointed after a meal from this downtown hotspot.

Chicken fried steak and eggs 4

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The Blue Star Diner

2200 E 15th St
(213) 627-2022
Monday-Friday 10:30AM-9PM


The Blue Star Diner is without a doubt a very unique spot in downtown LA. It’s located in the middle of an industrial neighborhood, and the food is fantastic. You can get all of the diner basics plus more. The mac and cheese is unbelievable, the fried chicken is on point, and there’s an incredible beer selection as well. There’s even outside seating with live music in the evenings - all in all a place you’ve got to try at least once.


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