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Eat on London's Streets

You know that London's food scene is more than fish & chips, Cornish pasties and Sunday roast. Why not delve deep into the food scene with some Sri Lankan, Caribbean and Taiwanese cuisine?

We asked Wonderush founder Nelson Sivalingam to help guide our way around the London's food trucks and market stalls to discover some hidden gems.

  • A savory trend taking over in Colombo is the Sri Lankan street food, Kothu Kothu (translated: Chop Chop). Their specialty is Kothu Roti made from vegetables, meat, egg, coconut milk and plenty of spices. Enjoy their theatrical preparation of metal blades chopping and mixing to the sound of music.
  • The flavors of Seoul, South Korea find their way to the streets of London at the Korrito food truck in Real Food Market Southbank and their stall at the Boxpark Shoreditch. Their Korean BBQ (or Mexikorean) is crafted into delicious salad boxes, rice bowls and burritos. Don't forget to check out their homemade kimchi.
  • Looking for something spicy on your weekend visit? Check out the Curry Shack open Friday-Sunday at the Southbank Centre Food Market. This flavorful curry is paired with your choice of pilau, jasmine rice or salad. If your tastebuds can handle the hotness, we salute you.
  • Replace your hamburger slider bun with the pillowy goodness of a steamed bun at Bao. This Taiwanese eatery prepares the epoynymous dim sum staple with fillings such as fried chicken, BBQ beef, duck, egg, veggies, daikon cake, pork belly and blood pudding. You can find them at their stand in Hackney's Netil Market or their storefronts in Soho and Fitzrovia.
  • If you're looking for what could be the best undiscovered burger in London, then head over to the Crystal Palace Food Market on Saturdays and find Jacob’s Ladder Farms's stall. The beef is properly and organically reared from their small farms in Kent and East Sussex. If you can't make it to Crystal Palace, check their Twitter feed for other pop-up markets around London.

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