Top Rated Restaurants in Chicago

Grace Restaurant in Chicago

Grace Restaurant

From Alinea to 42 Grams, we've rounded up the best fine dining destinations in the Windy City.

  • Grace Restaurant in Chicago
  • Alinea Restaurant in Chicago
  • 42 Grams Restaurant in Chicago
  • Sixteen Restaurant in Chicago

Chicago's Top Rated Restaurants

Word is out that Chicago is home to some serious food talent. Chicago’s Grace and Alinea both garnered 3-stars each. There are two 2-star Michelin-rated restaurants in the Windy City, and numerous notable 1-star destinations, which are described as “a good place to stop on your journey.” Travel Savvy is booking our Chicago tickets this second! Here’s the Top Rated Restaurants* in Chicago as rated by Michelin.

(*Three and two-star rated.)

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