Exploring Tucson's One-of-a-kind Attractions

Exploring Tucson's One-of-a-kind Attractions will begin shortly.

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From underground glass-blowing schools to music venues to Instagram-famous street art, our Travel Savvy hosts will explore Tucson’s alternative scenes, guided by “out there” locals.

Of the many things we’ve discovered about Arizona, our favorite is just how versatile the city of Tucson is. Outdoor adventure-seekers come for the cycling and climbing, while more relaxed nature-lovers enjoy the wide variety of hiking and camping. The undercurrent of creativity runs through almost every aspect of life here -- you’ll discover a burgeoning art culture, dynamic live music scene, and--best of all -- a culinary landscape that mixes history with innovative trends.

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In this video, watch as we roll up our sleeves and learn about glass arts at the Sonoran Glass School with Hot Shop Director Paul Anders-Stout. Also, Associate Director Nick Letson shares wisdom about glass blowing and craft beer with students near and far.

  • Founded in 2001, the Sonoran Glass School is one of the only locations in the Southwestern US to offer both glass-blowing classes and events, lectures, and torch and glass competitions (aptly dubbed ‘Flame-offs.’) While the school can certainly impress professionals, their affordable lessons and excellent staff appeal to Tucson locals and visitors alike.

  • After a long day slaving away over melted glass, Letson recommends cooling off with a pint of craft beer at local Tap and Bottle. According to Letson, they always have a stellar food truck just outside to help soak up your brews. Fun Fact: Tucson, Arizona has more food trucks per capita than Los Angeles!

  • Public Brewhouse offers a haven atmosphere amidst the desert heat, boasting board games, vintage arcade games, and stellar drinks.

  • The Owl’s Club, which Letson describes as a “Westworld” atmosphere thanks to the decor and baby grand piano readily available for patrons to play. Look for it: the man playing the piano in the video is Nick himself!

Discover a place where you can live without boundaries at VisitTucson.org, and click here to see more of our Arizona coverage!

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