Slainte in New York & Chicago for St. Patrick's Day

Slainte in New York & Chicago for St. Patrick's Day will begin shortly.

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Put down your champagne and grab a pint of Guinness for this episode of We Hear. If you can't make it Ireland to show your Irish pride on St. Patrick's Day, you can always head to Chicago and New York with your best green outfit.

  • The St. Patrick's Day Parade down Fifth Avenue in New York City is a big deal. Over 150,000 marchers include fire fighters, police officers, military bands and bagpipers, all saluting the city's Irish heritage. We dare you to ask the bagpipers what they are wearing underneath their kilt.
  • Of all the Irish pubs in the city, McSorley's in the East Village is the granddaddy of them all. Stepping inside is like stepping back in time with the sawdust floor and old wooden interiors that harken back to the mid-1800s. Ordering is simple: either dark or light beer and a plate of corned beef.
  • Head uptown to Columbus Circle for the a stylish stay at the Hudson Hotel. The property offers designer toiletries, HDTVs and iPod docking stations inside the rooms. Head upstairs to the swanky upstairs lounge for the after parade party.
  • In the meatpacking district, your can take advantage of the "Kill the Minibar" special at the Standard Hotel. Your in-room minibar with those tempting single-serving liquor bottles and snacks comes with the price of the room. If you're still upright after that, you can get something more substantive at the Biergarten or walk off your buzz at the High Line.
  • Chicago is another U.S. city that goes all out with St. Patrick's Day festivities. They famously dye the Chicago River green the Saturday before the holiday. Looking at the green river makes us want a Shamrock Shake.
  • If you want to stay near the Magnificent Mile, we recommend the stylish, yet affordable accommodations at the Acme Hotel with its creative decor and free access to Google Glasses. You can take advantage of their "Hair of the Dog" offer. Upon check in, you'll be provided with Gatorade, aspirin and a gift certificate to hot spot MBurger to help you with your morning after hangover.
  • Chicago is home to Richard Branson's flagship property of Virgin Hotels. Located a few blocks from Wacker Avenue and a ten minute walk from Millennium Park, the distinctively Virgin-styled property features red shag carpeting and red Smeg fridges that work as the mini-bars. Download the hotel's Lucy app to your smartphone and manage your stay or order room service.
  • We do admit going to Dublin would make for an amazing St. Patrick's Day... Dublin, OH that is! It's only $200 round trip from Chicago. The town's parade is the biggest one in Central Ohio and delivers on their promise of being the "greenest" parade in the whole state. We're sold.

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